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„DRIVERS WHO CAUSED ACCIDENTS HELP INFORM LEARNING DRIVERS" is the short version of what the CLOSE TO project is all about.

The idea is taken from drug and AIDS prevention programmes and has become known as the "peer-education" method in which "equals relate to equals". In our case it is young beginning drivers who are confronted with severe road accidents by young drivers who have caused these accidents.This team of young traffic accident offenders will be integrated in the theory part of the specific driving education programme.

During a demonstration phase which lasts for several months, young traffic accident offenders are selected by the courts. They are then trained so as to be able to effectively confront beginning drivers with their personal experience (as Ambassadors for Traffic Safety). These ambassadors will develop their own personal presentation for the driving schools in a participative process.

close to: demonstration phase 2004 - 2006
module close to: implementation of the method 2007 - 2010

More information will be available from october 2007.

  • lead to positive change in attitude and behaviour within the group of young beginning drivers.
  • provide methodological suggestions on how to apply strategies in accident prevention.
  • be a basis for recommendations given to decision makers and persons in implementation showing them where the potential of this approach lies.

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