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Summary of the Austrian Demonstration,
1. Phase "Going to Driving Schools"
(December 2004- March 2005)

Driving Schools visited from December 27 to 30, 2004 in: Hartberg, Stainz, Deutschlandsberg, Feldkirchen, Graz (all in the province of Styria, Austria)

The implementation in Austria followed an offender-oriented approach, which means that all of the speakers (peer mentors) in the driving schools were drivers involved in an accident who either particpated in the project as part of their sentence or who were in the course of criminal proceedings. All 10 participating peer mentors gave an account of a serious accident. More than 800 young people learning to drive could be confronted with their experiences of an accident. The implementation of the project in Austria allowed several success factors to be identified: The feasibility of the practical implementation of this approach could be proven due to the friendly cooperation of the participating driving schools in Styria. Beside the verifiable preventive effect, particularly on young people learning to drive who are willing to take risks, additional special resocialisation effects were observable in the young traffic offenders. This especially due to the offer to actively take part in preventive work for peers.

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